Welcome to JUST FOR PETS

Austin's Friendly Neighborhood Pet Store

Dogs and cats in Northwest Hills are Fortunate Creatures. They have their very own mom and daughter holistic per supply store on Far West.

Brittani Bash (Daughter) began working and managing Just For Pets in 2011. In 2015, Katherine Holtry (Mom), expanded her online dog boutique business to brick & mortar by acquiring Just for Pets. Katherine is a professional media personality feature in Austin, Dallas, and other markets. Brittani’s bio recently expanded to include a new baby!

Katherine and Brittani have a long history of opening their home and hearts to dogs and cats who are homeless or helpless. The story of their unusual rescue of a cat in Mexico was featured in the Dallas Morning News: While vacationing in Mexico, they came across a homeless, mentally disabled kitten (Lucky) and identified a local person to foster the cat until they could arrange private flight to the US for the kitty!

Their dogs Penelope (Peeps) and Molly are the store’s official and enthusiastic greeters for both two-legged and four-legged customers. Peeps, working alongside Brittani for six years, was featured in print ads for STAINMASTER*PetProtect* carpet. Molly reflects Katherin’s nurturing talents by her successful transition from a rescued, cut-eared “bait” dog, to the store’s Canine Executive Officer (CEO).

If your pet needs include healthy foods (sans corn, wheat, soy, or by-products), homemade treats, safe toys, gifts, kennels, grooming supplies, harnesses—even clothes—you’ll find the merchandise you are looking for at Just For Pets. The owners buy food from the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia because of strict food regulations not provided by most countries. Just For Pets offers free holistic dietary consultations for pets with hip and joint problems, diabetes, and caner, and also educates pet parents about proper diets and supplements. There are discounts for folks who foster or who have newly adopted cats and dogs.

Grooming services are provided on site by Jordan Clements who has developed quite a following during her nine-year stint with Just For Pets. Prices are based on the specific dog breed and condition of the pet. One day I visited the store and watched her clients’ obvious enthusiasm when they walked through the shop’s door for an appointment for a fur-do or paw-pedi.

Just For Pets collects and distributes a rescue food bank for local animal rescue groups and collects donations for guide dogs. Just For Pets operates Austin Pet Finder, and online non-profit lost and found organization and website which brings together pets and their owners.

This mother-daughter team is devoted to education—whether it be specific training needs, or do’s and don’ts for successful parenting and partnering your canine and feline family members. Katherine and Brittani’s expansion plans in the near future include the store’s grooming services, the website’s delivery service, meet-and-match rescue events, and dog training opportunities.

Hours and special events at Just For Pets can be found at: www.justforpetsaustin.com

Business Spotlight in NWACA News, February 2017 by Janice Green