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Canine Comfort: Soothing Relief For Your Dog's GI Tract - 98g

It may be an unpleasant subject, but we work almost every day with occasional and chronic diarrhea in dogs and cats. It can be a real problem... for all involved. In a lot of cases, a change to a better quality food and/or the addition of a healthy fiber product like organic pumpkin can make a world of difference. But if we are faced with a stubborn and chronic case of diarrhea our absolute first choice is Canine Comfort by Vitality Sciences. We have over the years seen this product produce great results. The ingredients in Canine Comfort work synergistically to restore the GI function. This restoration works on dog diarrhea, dog vomiting, and gastrointestinal distress of all kinds. We have experienced significant improvements within 24 hours and we consider it a "must have" in our medicine cabinet. You should too! ( we also have the feline Variety in stock)

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Wondercide Evolv Flea and Tick Control - 4 oz Spray bottle

EVOLV™ is a superior, all natural flea and tick treatment for dogs and cats. As an alternative to chemical pesticides, EVOLV™ is the natural flea and tick treatment that is both a repellent and kills on contact.  No toxic effects to dogs, cats or children!  Natural flea and tick treatment is not a growing fad, but a new way to live with holistic health in mind. Some of our customers have replaced the spot on chemical products with Evolv. Evolve is a 10% Cedarwood oil product that will kill both fleas and ticks. It can be used twice a week if needed. We use it in our grooming area when we have a flea infested pup show up for grooming. Our groomer loves the results she gets when using it. If your looking for an alternative to those chemical products consider Evolv.


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ZYMOX Enzymatic Ear Solution with HC 0.5% - 1.25 fl oz

We have had to deal with chronic ear infections in one of my dogs for over 10 years, just like many of you. About 2 years ago, I came across ZYMOX. This product is an antimicrobial enzyme system suited for most ear infections. The bio-active enzymes appear to work especially well on inflamed and infected ears due to bacteria and yeast. After using the product, as directed, for two weeks, I was AMAZED at the results. The dog's ears , which were, deeply infected at this point, cleared up, and since then with just a once a month maintenance dose, the infection has never returned! We highly recommend this product for those dogs with chronic yeast and/or bacteria infection!

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