4-Legged Testimonials

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My owner likes to spoil me, so I get all my fancy collars at Just For Pets! When my owner isn’t watching the people at the store give me great treats! My favorite is the Chicken filet strips and the Lamb filets! Yummy!

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I get to go to my favorite store, Just for Pets, at least once a week. Mainly I go to get the free treats they hand out! Lately, I’ve been getting my nails trimmed to. Cant’ say that I like it but thye try to make me feel real safe and secure while Jordan clips them. I never look, I’m a big baby! But after I always get a few more treats. That makes it all worth it! Every month I get to pick out a new toy, since I play so rough. I love to pick it out! All the guys and gals at the store Love me! No wonder, take another look at my picture!

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I told 'em Just For PETS was closed! I can't believe I have to wait till tomorrow to pick out my new collar. But , I can wait, cause JFP has their own collars that look great on me. I like the printed Martingale collars the best. Oh and of course, their treats are the best I town. I love my food that we get at the store too!

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I'm Lily. I love to go to Just for Pets where Jim is so nice to me. When I'm there, my person sometimes lets me pick out a new toy and we get yummy treats. My coat is all shiny because the food there is so good for me. Sometimes if my person doesn't know how to fix a problem she will ask Jim or his helpful staff and they set her in the right direction. Jordan does all the grooming there. Usually I'm all nervous when we go in the store but she's so nice and good with me that all my fears go away and she makes me all clean and pretty. My person says I have a "new dog smell" when we leave.

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I like to switch up my food a lot. Just For Pets is perfect for me. They carry lotsa different foods and I get a different kind each time. Before I went to Just For Pets I only got the same old food every day. I was bored, but not anymore! Thanks JFP!

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My favorite pet store is Just For Pets and that's not just because of the delicious treats!  The first time Mom and Dad walked into Just For Pets, they were pleasantly surprised to find out the prices were lower than big chain stores'.  They were so impressed by the outstanding customer service!  I'm a special needs dog with emotional issues.  My sister Roxie also has emotional issues.  Therefore, Mom always has lots of questions and is curious about natural remedies.  Everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful.  If there is ever a question an employee can't answer, they suggest speaking with Jim, the owner.  

Jim takes time to really understand what's going on and provides excellent insight.  For example, I love to lick the floor.  Mom and Dad were thinking I needed to stop this obsessive behavior and realized it was probably stress related from an unhappy life I lived before I was rescued or pain from my hip dysplasia.  Jim pointed out that my licking wasn't really hurting anything, so why didn't my parents buy some flooring that would be safe to lick, like an non-toxic earth-friendly tile.  Thank you Jim!

One of my favorite toys from Just For Pets: Tux by West Paw Design

One of my favorite treats from Just For Pets: Zukes (All of Zukes treats are fantastic!

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Just For PETS has all my favorite treats. Just thinking about 'em makes me hungry for 'em! Me and my sister, Lacey get to go to the store a lot... cause we want to! Each time we go to the JFP, we act really sweet and nice... and then they give us a treat! We even love their tile floors cuase they are cool in the summertime and feel great on our bellies!

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Just for Pets is an amazing place! I LOVE food and Just for Pets has SO many choices! Not only do they have the BEST treats, but they also have a wide variety of food options, which is very helpful in dealing with my food allergies.

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I'm just one lucky dog! My two legged companion happens to be the groomer at Just For Pets. I get to go to the store every day. I love running in first thing in the morning and getting my favorite treat - lamb filets. I eat 'em all day, never put on a pound, sleep when I get tired and get to demonstrate all the interactive toys for our two and four legged customers. Yea, life is sweet at Just For Pets!